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Footage Films & Director Christopher B. Stokes Continue To Illuminate The Screen With Strong...

Footage Films continues to spotlight black excellence and black women in leading roles in Hollywood with their new motion picture, Always And Forever. The film co-stars Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Power) and marks the return of Lauren London back to the big screen. https://youtu.be/31Eb1ribdgMThe psychological thriller follows the lives of four childhood friends who experienced trauma long ago at a summer camp. Determined to get past it, the group moves on with their lives, barely talking about what happened.

Digital and Radio Facts will Honor 2016 Biggest and Brightest Innovators and Influencers in...

During the month of December, Digital and Radio Facts will spotlight theDigital and Radio Facts 2016 Industry Innovators and Influencers on the Black radio side from various writers on radiofactsorg.wpengine.com.We will spotlight and honor those in our industry who have made huge strides in 2016 with stories about people like Cathy Hughes and her honor at Howard University D.L.