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More Problems for Steve Harvey, Living Ex Wife Mary Suing him for Murder?

"I'm confrused man, I was confrused." I just can't figure out why Steve Harvey felt the need to divorce his (2nd wife) Mary. The mogul's past is REALLY coming back to torment him or at least is seems that way. I'm not sure if he's a target or if his past and current mistakes are just haunting him but he's been through it over the past year. Along with his massive success, here is the list of Harvey's massive challenges ...

MOTOWN Celebrates: Marvin Gaye Would have been 70 April 2nd

Santa Monica, CA: In the 50th anniversary year of Motown, April 2, 2009 will mark the 70th birthday of the late great Marvin Gaye. Sadly, April 1 will also mark the 25th anniversary of his tragic death the day before his 45th birthday. Motownâ„¢s top solo male artist of the â„¢60s, led by his Å“I Heard It Through The Grapevine "at one time the biggest selling single in Motown history ¾Gaye became the labelâ„¢s most revolutionary artist in the â„¢70s, breaking down barriers whether singing about the body or the soul, social consciousness or sexual politics.