Susan Boyle Arrives at Airport in Japan (pics) sees Intruders trying to break in her home before trip


Radio Facts: Singer Susan Boyle Arrives At Narita International Airport In Japan today. “SuBo” mania looks set to sweep the far east after the Britain’s Got Talent star touched down in Tokyo earlier today. Susan jetted out to Japan to film an appearance on the country’s biggest entertainment show, to be aired on New Year’s Eve. Boyle smiled broadly as she greeted a mob of photographers at the airport, but declined a request for an impromptu song, saying her fans would have to wait for the show.She is scheduled to sing her trademark I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables, the title track to her Number One debut album. Earlier yesterday, it was reported that the I Dreamed A Dream singer saw two intruders break into the grounds of her home in Blackburn, West Lothian. Boyle spotted the intruders lurking around her garden while peering out the window.Her brother Gerry said: “Susan called me to tell me she’d had intruders, like it was an everyday occurrence. “She hadn’t mentioned the incident to anyone or even reported it to the police. When she casually dropped it into the conversation I was really shocked.” “This can’t go on any longer as Boyle needs to be advised that living in this small house is no longer suitable and more importantly not safe for her new celebrity status.”