SUPER HI-FI Announces Conductor: The Ai Audio Production Toolset For Streaming Audio Services

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Super Hi-Fi, the company using AI to transform the music and audio listening experience, today announced the commercial launch of Conductor, a suite of integrated AI tools for audio entertainment services.

Conductor debuts in the marketplace today with Sonos’ premiere radio streaming service, Sonos Radio and newly announced Sonos Radio HD. The new technology suite introduces two innovative and powerful AI capabilities: MagicStitch3, which enables seamless transitions, and Dynamic Content Curation (DCC) providing audio-content selection.

“Conductor is a combination of new capabilities and a massive leap for our existing technology,” said Brendon Cassidy, CTO of Super Hi-Fi. “The result empowers our customers to deliver highly differentiated listening experiences that capture their brand essence and meet consumer needs in ways not possible until now.”

MagicStitch3 is the latest generation of Super Hi-Fi’s groundbreaking content transition technology, and represents a quantum leap in quality, flexibility, and computational intensity. MagicStitch3 perfectly transitions, layers, and volume-levels any type of audio content in real-time. In addition, MagicStitch3 adds dozens of state-of-the-art ML-modeled segue personalities, each representing a variation on human-driven professional content production approaches.

In this way, each customer is afforded the opportunity to express their own unique production style, irrespective of content-type, allowing audio platforms of all kinds to instantly deliver highly produced, seamless listening experiences. Imagine a full-suite, realtime audio production program, all automated with AI. No human intervention required.

Dynamic Content Curator (DCC) is the world’s first audio-content selection tool powered exclusively by Artificial Intelligence. DCC allows audio services to deliver their listeners contextually relevant and personalized audio, such as voice tracks, sonic logos, artist interviews, podcast snippets, news reads, and much more in the space between the songs.

Super Hi-Fi’s audio curation technology chooses the perfect audio interstitial based on any set of data, such as musical attributes like mood or energy, or user-specific preferences and information (when available), including location, activity, or listening history. For example, DCC automatically generates a totally unique listening moment after any song by selecting a voiced brand ID, then choosing an artist interview underpinned with a layered music bed, followed by a news segment, and seamlessly stitching back into a song. All in real-time, with the artful, hand-tuned quality of a top-tier commercial broadcast radio station.

Conductor is applicable across a wide range of services, providing the opportunity to turn today’s plain audio into tomorrow’s storytelling devices:

Digital Music Services: Streaming music platforms can now offer completely individualized listening segments featuring voice personalities, news, weather, advertising, and other audio entertainment based on location and listener preferences. DSPs can offer artist-driven listening experiences that utilize pre-recorded artist commentary, interviews, and DJ snippets. Conductor can select and present as if an audio engineer had spent hours creating a production package, but the AI does it in real-time, on-the-go, for each listener simultaneously.

Broadcast Radio: Conductor fits seamlessly into existing radio broadcast platforms to integrate an entirely new layer of quality and efficiency. No more marks on the content, no more voice track trimming, no more content alignment. Super Hi-Fi’s Conductor does it all instantly and automatically. Conductor creates outputs that are virtually indistinguishable from a customer’s radio broadcast, but with almost no human intervention required.

News Publishing: With the launch of Conductor, service providers can create an audio news feed that is engaging, dynamic, entertaining, and personalized. Conductor allows print news publications to generate fully produced and artfully presented news entertainment directly from their print publications, and to deliver those directly to websites, email audio news headlines, or podcast services.

With the launch of Conductor, Super Hi-Fi continues to evolve the audio landscape and provide innovative tools and data for companies using music and voice to create exceptional listening experiences for their customers.



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