Radio Facts: Steve Hegwood Hires Jay Tek for APD/Afternoons at Streetz 94.5At one time there were MANY great radio people from Buffalo, NY including: The late Frankie Crocker, Carol Blackmon, Mike Roberts, The late Byron Pitts,   the late Chuckie T, Ron Atkins, Chuck Atkins, Gary Byrd the late Keith Pollard and MANY others including kevRoss, oh that's me! Now Jay Tek continues the tradition. We are thrilled to announce another great talent from Buffalo in his new assignment to work with one of the most respected programmers in the industry Steve Hegwood. Tek will handle APD duties along with Afternoon Drive. “I am just a testimony of what hard work and faith in my God and my talent can do,” said TEK. “This is a dream come true for me to learn from a very well respected programmer who can teach me more ways to effectively program.”


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