Steve Harvey Discusses Tisha Campbell and the ‘Martin’ Reunion (VIDEO)

Steve Harvey discussed Tisha Campbell and the “Martin” reunion. As fans get ready to celebrate the 30-year reunion of the show “Martin,” Campbell sat down with Gayle King and talked about her relationship with Martin Lawrence. Campbell briefly touched on the status of her relationship with the comedian.

In 1997, Campbell filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, claiming repeated and escalated sexual harassment, sexual battery, verbal abuse, and related threats by Lawrence. In December of 2020, Lawrence spoke out about the lawsuit denying any wrongdoing. He said the lawsuit resulted from him walking away from the popular show after five seasons.

King asked Campbell how the two actors could get past the lawsuit.

“We worked really hard to reconnect to forgive, and really, this reunion is about a celebration of everything that we did, of everything that we have accomplished, and our growth as human beings. So, we concentrated mostly on that,” said Campbell.

The co-host says that everybody is excited about the Martin reunion, and fans are happy to see the cast-mates work out their differences.  The reunion will appear on BET+ on June 16.

The Steve Harvey show discussed the relevance of the Martin Show. According to the co-hosts, the only person that will be missing from the reunion is Tommy, who will be mentioned on the show.