Stephen A. Reacts To Anthony Davis Not Shooting Since April 5, Says That He “Can’t Afford” To Not Practice (VIDEO)


On the latest episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith and JJ Redick discuss the news on Anthony Davis not shooting a ball since April 5. 

Redick mentioned how during his off-season, he didn’t take any shots until after July 4th. 

“I took time to get my body right, I spent all of May, all of June, in the weight room doing mobility, doing pilates, doing conditioning. I got my body right.” 

He also mentions that when Steph Curry’s off-season schedule was released there were long periods of time where there was no practice on shooting. He mentioned how Steph would take time during the off-season to focus on other things to get his body right, and says that shooting breaks are “completely normal”. 

“If we’re talking about Anthony Davis and what he needs to work on, it’s making sure he’s available to play. This is not a big deal at all. This is completely normal Stephen A.”

Stephen A. responds by saying that this is the most ridiculous take that he has ever heard from Redick. Being that JJ Redick is a career 41.5% shooter from 3-point range, Smith feels that Redick can afford to wait until the summer to shoot, making it an unfair comparison to Davis. 

“Anthony Davis is fresh off of shooting 18 percent from three-point range, 18 percent. The season before that it was 26 percent. What the hell are you talking about, ‘it’s no big deal? It’s no big deal when it’s you.”

Smith goes on to mention that if you aren’t that good at shooting, you should be practicing shooting every day.

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