Radio Facts: As an industry entrepreneur, I have to be VERY careful of naysayers, negative people, doom and gloom-ers and “how-things-used-to-be-ers.” I will not deny there are certainly challenges in the industry right now but I can't afford to wait for a result that may or may not ever come, depending on whether or not I myself take action. Knowing that keeps me moving in many different directions. I will not deny it is VERY hard to find people who have a positive outlook on the industry right now.We are CONSTANTLY surrounded by SO much negativity and it's not easy to avoid… or is it? I can't tell you how many times I have watched The Secret and I have applied the concepts and IT DOES WORK. The fact that one of the most inspiring people in the film has just been charged with murdering all those people in that Tarp scand al watered down the concept of the movie for me for a minute but then I realized the concept is bigger than he is and he did have his own success when he applied the concept BEFORE the scand al.I refuse to be overwhelmed with negative sh…. I have to keep reinventing and motivating myself in order to have a successful business. The end result is we have to find balance. Those naysayers will certainly come around but what is your response to them? You will find if you accept what they say, you will feel drained and uninspired. Don't try to change their minds it will eat up too much of your energy but don't let them change yours either. Having a positive outlook doesn't guarantee that you will have a job tomorrow but it will give you the motivation, at least, to look for something else.kevRoss –



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