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SoundCloud Adds Distribution to SoundCloud Premier Monetization Toolset

 radiofacts.com announced today it has further expanded its SoundCloud with the launch of a new distribution feature, available now in open beta.

With the new distribution feature, creators monetizing original music on SoundCloud can seamlessly add distribution into all major music services including , , Instagram, Spotify, Tencent, YouTube Music and more–all directly from their SoundCloud account.

The power and convenience of SoundCloud Premier monetization and distribution tools are built directly into existing SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited subscription accounts for creators, at no additional cost. Creators using the SoundCloud Premier distribution feature keep 100% of their rights, keep 100% of their distribution royalties from third-party services, and at no additional cost.

“Only SoundCloud empowers creators with a unified platform to instantly upload and share, connect with fans in real-time and get paid for their work everywhere–both on SoundCloud and across other leading music services,” said Kerry Trainor, Chief Executive Officer, SoundCloud. “Creators can now spend less time and money jumping between different tools, and more time making music, connecting with fans and growing their careers first on SoundCloud.”

Prior to rolling out the open beta, SoundCloud worked with a number of artists including Leaf, , Jevon and Thutmose in a closed beta environment to test and get feedback on the new feature:

“I believe SoundCloud’s new distribution tool is the way of the future for independent artists and music in general,” said rising female rapper, Leaf. “It makes distribution an easy one-step process, giving you a very simple way to monetize your plays and the freedom to reach new heights with your fan base.”

Hip-hop producer and musician, Jevon, said, “SoundCloud’s distribution tool is a great way for unsigned artists to get their music out there for the world to hear. Everyone knows how easy it is to upload a song to SoundCloud, and now it’s just as simple to upload and distribute everywhere.”

“I found SoundCloud’s distribution tool very easy to use,” adds electronic music producer and DJ, mobilegirl. “No additional registration fee, and all at the simple reach of a button.”

Rapper Thutmose commented, “The upload process is straightforward and simple–making SoundCloud’s new distribution tool easy for artists to share their songs across platforms.”

Over the course of the next few months, creators will see new functionality added to the monetization toolset.

Creators who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate in the open beta:

  • SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited subscriber
  • Has original music, and owns or controls all applicable rights
  • 18 years old or age of majority in their country
  • No copyright strikes at time of enrollment
  • At least 1,000 plays in the past month from countries where SoundCloud listener subscriptions and advertising are available (US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand)

Eligible creators will be notified via email and in-product notifications beginning today.

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