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Slave bassist, Mark Adams has Died

 width=Our greatest condolences to the family of what some have said was one of the best bass players in the industry, Mark Adams from the 70s group Slave. No details on the .

Music expert Scott Galloway paid tribute to Adams on his FaceBook page

“BOWING my head in prayer and condolences for the loss this morning of a Funk Lord, bassist Mr. Mark Adams of Slave. I had the honor of writing the liner note essay for “ FUNGK: The Best of Slave,” and am SO proud that I took the time and effort to rap to ALL of the key players in the BAND, including Master Funkateer Mark. May his soul “fly on” and rest in peace with The Lord. Respect.”

Arguably the hottest of the ’70s Ohio funk bands, Slave had a great run in the late ’70s and early ’. The group was formed in Ohio by New native horn player/songwriter/producer Steve Washington (funk obviously runs in the blood – Washington’s uncle was Ralph ‘Pee Wee’ Middlebrook of the famed Ohio Players). Steve Washington formed the group in Dayton in 1975. Floyd Miller teamed with Tom Lockett Jr, Charlie Bradley, Mark Adams, Mark Hicks, Danny Webster, Orion Wilhoite, and Tim Dozier. Vocalists Steve Arrington and Starleana Young came aboard in 1978, with Arrington ultimately becoming lead .
Their first big hit was the thumping single “Slide” in 1977 for Cotillion, where they remained until 1984. Their best tracks were lyrically simple and at times silly, but the arrangements and rhythms were intense and hypnotic. Other Top Ten R&B hits were “Just a Touch of Love” in 1979, “Watching You” in 1980, and “Snap Shot” in 1981. in 1979. Slave performed edgy funk grooves that rival (or even overwhelm) what is considered ‘hard’ street music today. By the time the Cotillion/Atlantic album “Stone Jam”, originally release in September 1980, came out, Young, Washington, and Lockett departed the group to form another band, Aurra in 1979. Not long afterward, Steve Arrington (drummer and vocalist) also departed to undertake a that produced important funk classics such as “Way Out” and “Nobody Can Be You But You”.
They added Charles Carter, Delburt , Sam Carter, Kevin Johnson, and Roger Parker as replacements and continued on, though much less successfully, into the late ’80s. They moved to Atlantic for one in 1984, then switched to the -based Ichiban in 1986. Rhino issued Stellar Funk: The Best of Slave, a first-rate anthology of their finest cuts, in 1994.

Slave (Cotillion 1977)
The Hardness of the World (Cotillion 1977)
The Concept (Cotillion 1978)
Just a Touch of Love (Cotillion 1979)
Stone Jam (Rhino 1980)
Show Time (Atlantic 1981)
Visions of the Lite (Cotillion 1982)
Bad Enuff (Cotillion 1983)
New Plateau (Cotillion 1984)
Unchained At Last (Ichiban 1985)
Make Believe (Ichiban 1986)
Slave 88 (Ichiban 1988)
Rebirth (Ichiban 1991)
Funk Strikes Back (Ichiban 1994)
Masters of the Funk (Ichiban 1996)
Group Members:

Carter Bradley, Charlie Bradley, Charles Carter, Tim Dozier, Mark Hicks, Curt Jones, Tom Lockett, Floyd Miller, Steve Washington, Danny Webster, Orion Wilhoite, Raye Turner & Mark Adam.

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  1. Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mark Adams. I am completely devastated by the loss of my alter-ego. Yes, a part of me has died today and it is so sad. May your soul rest in peace Mr. Mark. Thanks for that Stellar Fungk.

  2. Condolences to the family and friends of Mark Adams. May your soul funk in peace Mark Adams. Thanks for “When I Come Home” one of my all time favourite fungk tunzs. RIP!

  3. This is mark Adams fianc”e Freda (Free) Kelley i just want to thank everyone for all of the blessing and that mark really appreiciate all of his fans and that he loved his bass. i just want to share this i am writing a book about me and mark, marks last 3 years of what he has been doing, and also Me and his music will be out this year, Thank again for everything, God Bless Free

  4. Hi Freda,

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Mark. He was an inspiration to all bass players and was center point of

    May he rest in peace.

    Sean Jones


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