Singer Syleena Johnson Draws Ire for saying R. Kelly Should be in a Mental Institution Instead of Jail


    Singer Selena Johnson upset former fans of R. Kelly when she stated that she thought he should be in an insane asylum instead of prison. Former fans do not agree.

    Without question, Syleena knows R. Kelly better than most. He wrote her biggest hits and the career-defining song “I am your woman.”

    She has stated she never witnessed any of the sex trafficking activities that he’s been charged with.

    She may have some insight as to what his mental state and past is more than most people but former fans are still not accepting it. There is very little public sympathy for R. Kelly.

    She states that she thinks he’s a narcissist and he has a mental illness. Anyone who knows anything about his past would never excuse that as the truth.

    While it is horribly unfortunate for R. Kelly’s victims, and this is not an excuse for his crimes in the least, people who come from a background of severe incest and abuse would seem to have dark residual effects in their DNA, unfortunately, it may affect others. Whenever we hear about serial killers very few of them had great childhoods. This situation is a disaster all the way around

    Couple mental illnesses with massive success where people are complicit and act like they don’t see certain things are the makings of a monster in the midst of disaster.

    Nevertheless, she was quickly attacked when she spoke up for him. Chuck D also spoke up for R. Kelly without saying his name and had to acquiesce when fans came for him. He asks if a man has a chance to redeem himself if he was African-American and living in the United States.

    Former fans quickly responded R. Kelly DID have a chance to redeem himself with the previous charges that he was acquitted on several years ago for the same thing … and they were right

    YouTube has also pulled two R. Kelly music channels this week.


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