Show Biz-Amiss: Lin Wu? (“I Will Always Love You”)

Welcome to my new section called “Show Biz-Amiss” it’s a category on things I fail to understand and I’m reaching out to readers to help me put it all in perspective.   Can you help me?Our first inquiry.. Lin WuWhy is show business so hungry for what it has already fed audiences worldwide? The creative machine died decades ago as the industry constantly looks for the next best thing that can imitate the LAST best thing. I hate to admit it but I have to laugh when I see the chunky Taiwanese kid sing “I Will Always Love You” EXACTLY like Whitney Houston. Is it talent or is it comical? I’m sorry, but I must ask myself between the chuckles.. What the hell am I missing? Will they try to get radio to add the single and confuse listeners? Didn’t we hear the song ENOUGH when Whitney did it? Is this an ode or a slap in the face as to how good Whitney USED to be?   Since when is someone a star for doing a dead-on imitation of someone else as a singer? I give up but I’m sure Dolly Parton (the original writer) is jumping up and down at the prospect of being rich again off the song. OK, I don’t understand but Lin Yu Chun promotes “I Will Always Love You” at SBS’s program “Starking” on November 8, 2010 in Seoul, South Korea. The artist became world famous after competiting in a popular Taiwanese TV talent show, and has appeared on many US television programs including Ellen DeGeneres, Lopez Tonight and America’s got Talent. width=

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