Should Police Eliminate "Knee on the Neck" Procedure?


It is incredibly disturbing to see how cavalier the police officer is to the pleas of onlookers to stop putting the entire pressure of his body weight on this black man’s neck. He looks like he’s enjoying what he is doing and looking at them with a taunted gaze as if to say, you know I’m going to get away with it. There is absolutely no need to do what they are doing and the short Asian cop tries to get in the way of the filming of the death. As usual, the cop who has his knee on the man’s neck is under investigation.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said at a press conference today that the FBI will lead the investigation into the incident due to the possible civil rights violation. The two officers involved have been “relieved of duty status,” Arradondo said. The officers are still receiving pay, but have no law enforcement duties. We all know how this will end.


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