SESAC Doing Webinar on “How Black Music Shapes us” but Organization has no Blacks on Executive Team?


KUDOS to the industry corporations and companies who are putting forth financial and corporate promotions and efforts to support diversity in our industry. This is what we meant by banning press releases on “Conversations about race.”

SESAC is doing a webinar today at 12noon pst called “How Black Music Shapes Us” A discussion of the importance and history of Black Music with Bryan Michael Cox, Greg Curtis, Jimi Jame$, Wow Jones and Cocoa Sarai and Moderated by Mario Prins and James Leach but when you look at their site they have no Blacks on their executive team? We've heard complaints about this several times before. What gives? See roster here or a copy of it below. Here is an article that looks into the hypocrisy of major brands who provide lip service but no action in America.

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