See Full Interview of Byron Allen on The Breakfast Club Radio Show


This has got to be one of if not THE best, MOST IMPORTANT interviews I have ever heard on the radio. There is nobody better to do it than these three members of The Breakfast Club Radio Show. All can relate to the entrepreneur concepts. If you are even THINKING about running a business or being an entrepreneur watch this. I have heard so many great comments about this segment.

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  1. Can’t stand this show but I agree huggy is horrible. Best wishes to Jay Anthony Brown he made the show and he will find other work. Wish he could replace dl Hughley.

  2. I want be listening anymore either. I listened because of “J”. I saw “J” at the Essence Festival selling his Barbecue sauce and asked him if he liked Sybil or if he just tolerated her. “J’s” comments were ” she’s a pain in the Azz”.


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