San Diego’s Hip-Hop Blazin 98.9 Pink Slips Staff. Will they hire black Radio DJs?


While it’s the best place to make money if you have your own ideas, one of the most racist radio states in the country is California. It’s a horrendously RACIST radio market just like Hollywood. For anyone working back east, it’s hard to imagine that a Radio Station can call itself a hip-hop music Radio Station and not have any black Radio DJs but it happens DAILY in the California market and has been for the past 30 years.The staff at XHMORE-FM (98.9), licensed to Tijuana, Mexico, were recently informed that the Radio Station would remain a Hip-Hop Radio Station but it would be automated fulltime, without the live personalities. Where I come from, that clearly means the current staff could not execute the format properly. Those hand ed pink slips include morning driver Chris Loos, afternoon DJ Vanya, DJ Seph, production staffers Chris Morrison & Noah Alaya, and promotions manager Jeanice Lee (Jeanice? that sounds like a sister). OM/Brand & Marketing Manager Lee Cornell was also relieved of his duties (Lee Cornell? That sounds like a brother) has been maintained to work in a new capacity (… for a hip-hop music Radio Station ? Why not make him a, Oh I don’t know…. PROGRAMMER?) Cornell says he believes Loos and Vanya “are exceptional talents and performers” and will “be a great asset” to any Radio Station bringing them on-board (Oh those Radio Station politics).


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