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Safaree Appears on The Breakfast Club to talk about Nude Pics

Quote of the year: “Is that yo meat?” . Love

dropped by The Breakfast Club to talk about his recent nude photo controversy. Just two days after the photos went up on Twitter, came by to explain what really happened. Despite rumors that leaked his own nude photos, he revealed that just isn’t what happened. During his sit down with , , and DJ Envy, revealed the truth behind the photos.

“This is the first time I even left my crib since it happened,” Safaree explained. “It’s not something I want out there, you know what I’m saying? My nieces, they follow me, they watch everything I do, and my mom and my sisters….People really think I did that for promo.” While he makes it clear that he didn’t leak the photos, he did admit that the photos were his. They came from his Snapchat account, explaining he’s been working hard to get “the v on your pelvic bone” and he took a photo of it on Snapchat and saved the image in the app.

Naturally, Charlamagne, Yee, and Envy got a few laughs out of that. When they doubted he wasn’t sending out the picture in DMs, Safaree actually let Yee go through his phone to prove his point. Since his photos leaked, Safaree said he’s been getting some pretty insane business offers. Companies have come to him with proposals for sex toy molds, condoms, and dildos with fur coats. If it were up to Charlamagne, Safaree would be accepting all these offers.

When asked if he would send nudes to to make her jealous, Safaree said he no longer has her number. “I don’t think we’re in the headspace for that anymore,” he explained. He then went on to confirm that he is currently single. He feels that if he was in a relationship, though, the leak wouldn’t have happened.

When they finally got around to playing Safaree’s new track “Hunnid,” he turned the studio into a strip joint. He made it rain while dancing to his own music. Nobody loved it more than Charlamagne.

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