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Rules: Top 10 Urban and Top 10 Urban AC PD Contest

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The Second Annual Radio Facts Top 10 Urban and Top 10 Urban AC PDs Contest

Greetings urban industry Radio Facts , the leader in urban industry sites, blogs and trades is   In the urban industry, we are often not COLLECTIVELY appreciated enough now that the conferences are no longer around. This poll is a way for YOU, members of our industry, to take part in honoring ALL OF THOSE who have made a difference in urban radio from EVERY COMPANY.. at one time.   Last year’s contest was huge and we anticipate this one will be even bigger

LET ME STATE THIS ONE TIME ONLY… Radio Facts , kevRoss nor any staff member choose the nominees or vote in this process. We allowed the industry to create the nominees as well as vote for these candidates. There is some work required from you to help us make this contest work. Ask industry people to vote for you and we will post some of the responses they give.. which will garner MORE votes.

This Contest if for CURRENT Urban and Urban AC Programmers ONLY!!! Ask yourself

  • Is the Programmer a PROGRAMMER?
  • How well does the PD get along with others?
  • Does he or she have an open door policy?
  • Is he or she receptive to new ideas
  • Is he or she respectful to others?
  • Is he or she aggressive or passive when it comes to the corporation and the needs for his or her particular station?
  • Is he or she a man or woman of their word?
  • Does he or she inspire and motivate staff?
  • Does he or she go the extra mile?
  • Does he or she have great ideas and implementation of those ideas?
  • Does he or she treat radio staff fairly
  • If this PD lost his or her job would you want to see them get another job?
  • How do you perceive this programmer?
  • Does this programmer have a respectful reputation?
  • Would you recommend this programmer for an opportunity?
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