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Ron Atkins: Why the New "101 The Blaze" Online is a Great Concept

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Radio Facts: Urban media in the very near future, if not now, is going to be forced to look for every possible area of revenue and we should be paying greater attention to the newspaper industry which is failing in the double digits right now. If newspapers blame that on the economy, they are less than half right, just like radio. It's the product. Blogs have given traditional media a HUGE slap in the face and radio is not far behind. The online concept for radio is still largely unexplored ESPECIALLY urban which is why radio has not been affected as much as newspapers. I think this situation with Ron Atkins is great for several reasons: He's hungry so he's paying a lot of attention to it, Philly is hungry so THEY are paying a lot of attention to it, Other urban radio people are curious so THEY are paying attention to it, it has not been done before like this so the industry will pay attention to it. Provided Ron understand s how the internet ranking system works and how well the industry cooperates with this effort. I see promise and wish him the best. See the site here

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