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ROMEO And Master P Read To Achieve Stay In School Campaign Sponsored…

 width=Quote startIt is vitally important to expose kids to reading at a young age so that they may develop an understanding and appreciation for readingQuote end

Multi-talented Romeo Miller and his father businessman Percy Miller visits Danny Bakewell SR Primary School in South Central Los Angeles. Romeo and Master P celebrates the achievements of some of the students who have accomplished perfect attendance and academic goals for the month. The Millers, who continuously promote the importance of education and positive vision through the support of foundation Urban Born, will do a read-a-long with hundreds of children in the school.

“It is important to me to share with young children that there are people who truly care about them. When they realize this at a young age, it helps to build self-esteem and we all know with a positive self-image you can overcome almost any obstacle,” says Romeo, “Taking a few hours out of my schedule to celebrate their achievements is something I enjoy doing. It isn’t always easy to do well in school when you have everyday challenges to face. It’s important to recognize the power of vision and how self-discipline will determine your future,” continues Romeo. He encourages inner city kids to stay in school and develop a love for reading instead of just playing video games and/or sports.

Master P says, “It is vitally important to expose kids to reading at a young age so that they may develop an understanding and appreciation for reading. This will help kids enjoy reading starting at a young age which will help them be better students and create a desire to further their education.” Master P and Romeo were surrounded by hundreds of elementary students. When Master P asks, “Who knows what they want to be when they grow up?” Every kid raised their hands. Master P states, “Being around all of these young kids with such positive attitudes, despite their poverty-driven environment, makes me smile because this is where I come from. Romeo and I are true examples that education saves lives. Principal Robbie Belcher and her staff are doing an excellent job with these kids.”

Romeo Miller and Chelsie Hightower read the book “Gee Gee the Magical Giraffe” created by Itali Miller, art and story by Olatokunbo Betiku.

Romeo is a current contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. He will dance this season with Chelsie Hightower. The young entertainer has no formal dance training but he welcomes the challenge. Although Romeo plans to compete against his fellow celebs on the show, his ultimate goal is to use it as a platform to bring awareness to the epidemic of our high school dropout rate in America.

Urban Born is a 501 c3 that helps at-risk youth and teens by helping to promote education and healthy living without drugs and gangs. Urban Born helps to support at-risk youth throughout the country with a concentration in Los Angeles as well as to help “bridge the gap between Black and Brown” by promoting peace within the African American and Latino communities. To volunteer and/or make a donation go to https://www.urbanborn.org

For additional information on Romeo please visit https://www.RomeoForever.com For information on the book, go to https://www.GeeGeeGiraffe.com


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