Romany Malco Drops Some Real Solutions to Racism


In this country we can’t help but to talk about the day one problem of systemic racism, prejudice, bias, and every other ism that exists. The problems still persist and Black people are still getting shot by police disproportionately than our White counterparts. Just look at the attempted murder on Jacob Blake by Kenosha, WI cops.

Let’s not forget the inequities in the work place, the school system, the criminal justice system, the housing market – you get it. People of color in the United States often don’t feel the unification as the name of the country connotates. While some may be tired of us talking about racism, imagine how we feel experiencing it.

Actor and director, Romany Malco talks about it frequently and eloquently with a little comedic flair but this time he is talking about real and plausible solutions to systemic racism. Of course, these solutions are not the end all be all, however, it’s nice to hear some clear throughout concepts. I highly recommend checking out his latest IG post below.

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