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Roland Martin Schools White Nationalist Richard Spencer
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Roland Martin Schools White Nationalist Richard Spencer

white-nationalistThe one thing you can say about Roland Martin is that he is going to use every opportunity to educate his guests if they don’t quite know what they are talking about. Most of us know what he did to Wendy Williams a few months back. This time his guest was none other than Alt-Right Leader, Richard Spencer. and  Richard Spencer discussed a myriad of issues including, White Supremacy, racism, jobs and the election of Donald Trump. It was an intense interview and debate that you don’t often see on mainstream television.

While Spencer doesn’t consider himself to be a White Supremacist, there are many that would challenge that notion. At one point,  Roland Martin just asked him straight out if he was a white supremacist. Mr. Spencer describes himself as an identitarian, who wants to protect his people. Roland also challenged Mr. Spencer on his inaccurate account of history as well as his lack of knowledge pertaining to affirmative action, job creation, and a few other points. This is a much watch as Roland Martin pulls no punches by educating Richard Spencer in a way that only Roland can pull off.

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Pecola January 7, 2017 at 6:06 pm

When will black accept that most whites don’t want anything to do with them? Its as though they are worthless if the white man doesn’t love them.


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