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Rock and Roll True Crime Podcast Disgraceland Releases New Episode on XXXTentacion


Today, the rock and roll true crime podcast released season 3 episode 6 on , one of Generation Z’s most talented hip hop music stars whose rapid ascent to fame was marked by intense violence, loneliness and drama. So far in season 3, host has dissected & Courtney Love, Snoop Dogg, and . Recently, the show peaked at #4 on the overall Apple Podcasts Top Podcasts chart ahead of The New York Times’ The Daily and Serial following the launch of season 3.


Stream Disgraceland Season 3 Episode 6 on XXXTentacion via : https://www.iheart.com/podcast/268-disgraceland-28939183/


“Of all the Disgraceland episodes I’ve written, this was one of the most challenging,” explains Jake Brennan. “XXXTentacion’s musical legacy and legacy of violence are very difficult to untangle. In short, the artist’s story is wildly interesting, if not totally horrifying at times.”


Billboard recently profiled Jake Brennan and said, “his shows feature just his voice, strong audio design and enough murder, mayhem and maniacal behavior to keep you on the edge of your seat even if he’s retelling a story you might know (Marvin Gaye’s murder at the hands of his own father) or have likely never heard (country singer Spade Cooley’s jealous, murderous mean streak).”


Recently, Jake Brennan and iHeartMedia, the No. 1 commercial podcast publisher globally with over 20,000 podcasts on its iHeartRadio platform, announced a new partnership to bring listeners two additional seasons of “Disgraceland” to the iHeartPodcast Network. The partnership also includes a new slate of iHeartRadio Original podcasts led by Brennan set to be released later this year. Two of the originals include “Rocka Rolla,” a serialized version of Disgraceland with a 10-episode arc on the madness and genius of Phil Spector, and “The 27 Club,” a new anthology series that will explore the lives of rock stars who died mysteriously at the age of 27. The new slate of shows will be hosted by Brennan and co-produced by iHeartRadio in the style of “Disgraceland.”


Jake Brennan recently announced his first ever live shows at the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on May 10 and at The Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO on May 25. The show will also make its first festival appearance at Comedy Central’s Clusterfest in San Francisco which takes place on June 21-23. Tickets for the Boston and Denver shows are on sale now and can be found on the Disgraceland website.


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