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Rob Redding’s book ‘The Professor’ hits No. 1

Nationally syndicated talk host and professor ’s new hard hitting book on  in black leadership yesterday topped two of Amazon’s coveted lists of new books.

His new controversial book “The Professor: Witnessing White Power” reached No. 1 on Amazon’s “New Releases in LGBT Literary Criticism” and “New Releases in Gay & Lesbian Literary Criticism.”

, which details how gay interracial relationships and encounters have shaped black power, dissects the sex lives of Jean-Michel Basquiat, James Baldwin, , Richard Pryor and Malcolm X. It contains explosive new information about Basquiat’s relationship with Klaus Nomi.

“Much of the book works from Jane Ward’s book ‘Not Gay: Sex between Straight White Men'” Redding said. “Ward, who is a lesbian, writes about power exchanges between white men. The Professor explores how gay interracial relationships and encounters may have empirically had an impact on the black community.”

Redding’s – the first out bisexual black radio talk show host – national talk show is listened to by a black mainstream audience in 20 states. He has taught at Pace and City Tech universities in New York City. And has published “Black Voices, White Power: Members of the Black Press Make Meaning of Media Hegemony” in the Journal of Black Studies in 2017.

He just rattled off his ninth best-selling book, a biography entitled “Out Loud.” That book peaked at No. 2 on Amazon in 2017 and was called “shocking” by CBS and “Juicy” by GAYLETTER.

His last No. 1 was “Why Black Lives Matter: How Borigination explains how to get police and whites to treat blacks like people in 2015” and “Not a Nonviolent Negro: How I Survived Obama” was released in 2013.

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