Rina Mushonga Shares New Track “Cassiopeia” Out Now On [PIAS] Recordings

Rina Mushonga

Rina Mushonga “Cassiopeia” Out Now

Having released her second album In A Galaxy earlier this year to high acclaim, today London-based Dutch-Zimbabwean pop innovator Rina Mushonga has shared brand new track, “Cassiopeia”, which you can listen to HERE.Some four years in the making, In A Galaxy draws heavily upon Mushonga’s global transience while latterly empowered by a self-confessed year of transformation – a myriad of ideas, personal experiences and reflection, both on a creative and human level transforms the minutiae of ordinary lives into a collection intelligent, relevant and diverse pop.Although a new track, the origins of “Cassiopeia” have been around since those mad US elections in 2016. As she explains; “It sort of came up as a response to the infuriating, eye-roll inducing nonsense of it all and I eventually recorded and produced this in Amsterdam at my pal’s Sebastiaan Dutilh’s studio.” Going on to give some context she continues; “I think at the core this song is about resistance, about an army of ‘nasty women’ rising up. In my head the song kind of plays out like a heist movie with these bad-ass femaleassassins fighting the patriarchy and re-adjusting the status quo.”Alluding to the track’s title and in her own inimitable style she says; “In mythology Cassiopeia is an Ethiopian queen who’ll tell anyone who’s listening that she’s basically the hottest woman alive. This kind of self- love and confidence in a woman is often portrayed as contemptible. But Cassiopeia gives zero fugs about what people think and I guess I used that as a jump off point to address patriarchal institutions and machinations and how they all better watch out — Cassiopeia’s comin’ for ya.”If you’re quick, you can catch Rina and her band on the final shows of Ibibio Sound Machine UK tour as follows:LIVE DATES:10/8/2019 – Newcastle, UK – Riverside10/9/2019 – Glasgow, UK – Classic Grand10/10/2019 – Liverpool, UK – Invisible Wind Factory10/15/2019 – Cardiff, UK – Y Plas


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