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Rihanna Wins $10 Million Settlement in Lawsuit Against Former Accountants

rih62She was already paid but Rihanna was just able to pad her pockets a bit more by winning a lawsuit against her former accountants. Rihanna came out last week to admit that at one point she was almost broke due to bad advice from her former accountants.

Using her government name, Robyn Fenty sued her accountant claiming Peter Gounis and the firm Berdon LLP advised her to buy a $7 million Southern California house even though she was pouring out money in 2009 and couldn’t really afford the house.

“The defendants advised Ms. Fenty by e-mail that purchasing a home in Los Angeles ‘would be a good investment’ despite knowing Ms. Fenty was experiencing financial difficulties,” wrote Rihanna’s lawyer Edward Estrada. It was claimed that she lost $9 million, leaving her with just $2 million at the end of 2009.

Rihanna fired the accountants and sued them for $35 million back in 2012. Just to show you how long these things can linger in court, we are hearing the firm has offered the singer a settlement of more than $10 million, and papers are due to be signed this week.

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