RF Review: Angie Stone Spreads the Wealth at the Savoy

 width=As the line draped around the corner, the drinks pouring abundantly, the music resonating with everyone from the grown and sexy to the young and restless, and the scent of $1 tacos filing the room, the scene was set for a “Taco Tuesday” to remember at the world-famous Savoy Entertainment Center in Inglewood, CA.Tuesdays are always fairly crowded at the Savoy but this past Tuesday the anticipation was high to see Angie Stone. In the first of their free summer concert series, the turn out was incredible to see the Mahogany Soul sister. As the people ate, drank, and grooved to the tunes of DJ Devoux until Angie hit the staged, they were primed for a good show.In true Angie Stone fashion, she didn’t give a good show; she gave an incredible show despite not having her band with her, which she told the highly enthused crowd, “Normally I don’t do this without my band but let’s keep the party going.” Then at the moment she directed the DJ to drop the track and she rocked her hit single, “Wish I Didn’t Miss You” as the ladies in the audience joined in true harmonic passion as if their past pains where being released in the moment. Angie dropped hit after hit reminding us all that he she has amazing catalogue that had the standing-room only audience lingering on every word she uttered, shouted, or sang. During her performance of her ode to the Black man song, “Brotha,” KJLH, Program Director, Aundrae Russell presented Ms. Stone with a bouquet of flowers. As she thanked him and those in attendance, the men stood in solidarity with one fist in the air in appreciation of the love and energy she was spreading throughout the room.The room was absolutely buzzing and full of life when Angie decided to drop a few new joints while exuding an amazing balance of confidence and humility as she requested feedback on each of the new songs. Although, “Do What You Gotta Do” is her current single, she performed the up tempo song, “Back Up Plan” twice as she told the ladies, “We all need a back up plan and that sh*t was so hard, let’s do it again!” At that point, we all knew that we had witnessed the rebirth of a soul singer that amazed the audience again and again with her awe-inspiring voice, message, and ability to move the crowd. There is absolutely no doubt why Angie Stones upcoming project is entitled, “Rich Girl,” because this young lady is rich with life, vigor, and ability and she loves to spread the wealth.

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