RF QUESTION: Your Thoughts on Chris Rock, Over the Top or On Point


chrisChris Rock, in our opinion, was hilarious and used the opportunity to host as a way to get a much-needed harsh message across. Some black people complain about diversity but then turn around and complain about Chris attacking diversity on the Oscars, some even going further and saying it was painful to watch. We’re wondering what Radio Facts readers think? Did Chris overdo it, was he on point or should he have said even more?

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  1. Wasn’t going to look anyway, as I NEVER watch the Oscars,since I don’t support movies ,but after I saw that opening monologue I was angry at myself for looking at that.
    Joking about I believe he said grandmother’s hanging from trees in a noose,calling out Jada etc ,I went back to what I was doing after that,so glad I missed the Stacy Dash wtf appearance,which I may be wrong,but I blame on Rock .And now to waste even more time writing about that.
    But I will say this, was not surprised at Chris Rock but I was still disappointed .

  2. Your comment is awaiting moderation,this is your site but damn this is 2016,you censuring shit.Treat your customers like babies yet you complain about how some pd’s treated you,sad.The two main sites for Black radio censuring radio folk.Shut up and play the music.What are you afraid of another vent which if it was on the radio would have gotten yuge#’s.I’m wasting more time.

    • Um no, the LAST thing I want is another ‘Vent’ but I also like to see what people say so that I can comment at times. MOST respectable sites hold comments for moderation.

  3. Hey Kev! I’ve been waiting to see SOME commentary on what others thought of C Rock. I liked him! he killed it. funny as awe hell! he still “Pookie” to me in some of the ways he gets his clown on. I liked how the Academy kinda of “put” it “out” there with utilizing (other) well known Black Actors (A.Basset, L. Gosset, Woopie, Goldberg, etc etc.) and constantly taking stabs at all that was said in the media about it.
    I could yell the same and say; “We Mexican Actors” want MORE! blah blah blah blah blah) at the end of the day, get it, get it, play to win, and WIN. just be a Got damn winner!
    stay bringing the real black media! Thanks Kevin / Radio Facts!

  4. Brilliant! I thought he klilled it…. He did it without being offensive, but was very clever and thought provoking????????????


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