RF KUDOS: Industry Vet Fred Williams’ Major Work Out Transformation (pics)

For the past 2 years, Fred Williams has been one of my FaceBook friends. I have never met him but he is a former record rep who has worked for several labels including Capital, A&M and EMI records. From this point on, Radio Facts will focus more on the POSITIVE stories of former industry people who have moved on with their lives and done greater things. Fred posts pictures of himself working out in the gym everyday on FaceBook and as I too have struggled with weight my entire life, I asked him how he stays so motivated, he told me by posting his constant progress on FaceBook.  Fred has made an amazing transformation that most middle aged men can only dream of. He is a great inspiration to me and many others.703525_499390786804494_388924839_o 230082_130144720395771_7521274_n

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