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RF Anniversary: WBLS’ Skip Dillard Interview

RF: Who are some of the great urban programmers that you respect most?

SD: Shout out to Jay Dixon who did a great job of giving WRKS a solid NY sound in the past few months. I always look forward to hearing Al Payne’s Radio One stations in Baltimore and enjoyed a nice level of energy and forward motion from Kashon Powell’s WOWI Norfolk. I enjoy listening to Brown’s work at WVAZ too. There are a few others that I know I forgot. Need to do some more listening in other markets.

RF: A new 19-year-old talent walks up to you and says he wants a career in radio. How would you direct him in today’s urban radio climate?

SD: Study those you admire and write down reasons you believe they are where you want to be. Find a mentor and look for non-traditional ways of getting in. Whereas I did the overnight weekend shifts no one else wanted, for someone today it may be updating the station’s website or handing social networking.

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