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REVIEW: Seven Seconds Starring Regina King, Netflix Series

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radiofacts.comSeven Seconds Review: Netflix Original Series Delivers, Captivating Script, and Acting.

Dives Deeper into Relationship Between Police and the Black Community

Seven Seconds Review: If there’s one thing that I truly love about digital media, it is to have the option to watch the kind of TV that I want to watch, when I want to watch it how I want to watch it. Being a hardcore non-conformist, I truly love the buffet concept of life. A life where you can walk up and choose what you want and not have it brought to you.

This is why I turned cable off a couple of years ago. Recently I made the mistake of turning it back on when it was offered to me almost free of charge but I almost immediately turned it back off when I saw the programming and the barrage of commercials that irritated me to no end. Free or variety doesn’t mean worthy if you are not getting what you want and It’s very difficult to go back to regular TV once you truly appreciate the advantages of digital.

When people get what they really want they will pay for it and even pay EXTRA for it if they have to. Every now and then when I have time to watch TV, I’ll find a great series on one of the digital networks. This time it was Netflix, one on my favorite digital networks.

They never fail to deliver. There is a certain hunger and drive to deliver quality in original programming that is absent in commercial TV. This week, I came across a really great series called Seven Seconds.

I’ve always liked Regina King and I used to see her at the gym all the time. I have a very interesting story to tell about her at the end of this review. Tensions run very high in Jersey City after a white police officer accidentally hits and critically injures a black teenager who lies in a ditch bleeding to death after he is hit.

The teenager is in a known gang den/park in the city and all the prejudices of our society come into play during the series. Dangerous assumptions and stereotypes that are anything but the truth.

seven seconds review
Regina King in a scene from Netflix original series “Seven Seconds”

At the scene, one of the other crooked police officers convinces the rookie police officer, that killed the boy, to leave and act like nothing ever happened. They will cover it up for him.The irony of the story is that Regina King’s character is a very concerned teacher who looks out for other people’s children which brings on and conveys an enormous guilt that she was not there for her only son.

I don’t want to give away all the twists and turns that come along as the movie progresses but it’s got all the elements of the black community in it and the black community’s often soured relationship with the police is prevalent.In the black community, there are several things we never like to discuss or deal with especially when WE are at fault.

Perhaps because of our history in this country, we are often more comfortable pointing the finger than looking in the mirror at the wrong that we do (especially to each other) but in this movie, many of those things are blatantly pointed out along with our refusal to accept and deal with them head-on.These things are exceptionally portrayed by the man who plays Regina’s husband Russell Hornsby.

The journey to responsibility, acceptance, and self-acceptance is probably the most admirable and obvious element in this series. Something that ALL the characters face in the series which is what makes this such a great effort.

seven seconds review
Cast members from the Netflix original series “Seven Seconds”