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REVIEW: SADE, LA Staples Center August 19











SADE, , August 19th, 8pm

I have a confession to make, while I have worked in the for 25 years, I’ve been to very few concerts. This was my first time seeing sade and most people I told that to were stunned. Yes, this was my first time seeing her. First let me say john legend was a pleasant surprise, my guest and I were discussing who else sade could have picked to open and we literally could not think of anyone. She said but I don’t think that would have been a good match. The days of the black male balladeer are really gone (for now)… After Legend went off about 30 minutes passed and the theater has very uncomfortable seating for a man who is 6 feet tall. I had to move my knees to the side like I was on an airline to get comfortable. There were two empty seats next to us at the edge of the aisle and I kept asking my guest to move there and she insisted not to move. I knew what was going to happen. At any rate, I heard the beginning of Soldier of Love and sade entered the stage from the bottom via stairs in a military dance steps. The audience LOST it. she then went into an unfamiliar ballad or two sprinkled with her biggest hits which got the greatest response from the audience. Paradise, Nothing Can Come Between Us and No Ordinary Love were amazing and the set was so visually stimulating that it was really hard form me to take my eyes off of the brilliant designs and changes. SADE’s performance overall made my night. The only complaints was a background dancer who was an older dude that kept doing the same step on every song and it was distracting because he was moving too hard.. ALONE. He was the only one doing that ridiculous step.   Nobody wanted to see his moves we came to see sade. The other complaint a calorically challenged woman took the empty seat next to me with a big ass Zorro hat on smoking her weed and blocking everybody’s view with her dancing and screaming “wooooooooooooooooooh” every two minutes. Otherwise it was as great of a show as I’ve heard others say it was around the country. I’d like to thank the great reps at epic records for inviting me.

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