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 width=I’d like to thank Bridget Dixon for sending me this great DVD for review. This is one of the most relaxing and soothing meditation DVDs I have ever seen. Bob Proctor of The Secret fame opens with the first an best segment that literally makes you feel hypnotized. The images are absolutely amazing and fitting for the concept. If you are having a stressful day or if you just want to relax, I strongly suggest you look at this series of short meditation clips to address your every need.Send all materials for review tokevRoss11054 Ventura Blvd. #142Studio City, CA. 91604 (sorry no music)Check out a sample: .


Stress-Reducing “˜Inner-tainment’ Blends Immersive Cinematography with Soothing Music & Spoken Words SAN FRANCISCO, CA ““ November 17, 2010 A uniquely powerful way to deal with stress and create serenity has just been released by transformational media innovator, Wisdom of the World . Its captivating new “ WisdomFilmsâ„¢ ” mix spectacular time-lapse nature cinematography with original musical soundtracks and inspiring voice-over narrations from some of today’s most acclaimed voices is mindfulness, self-help and spiritually.   Like guided mediations that gently take the listener to a safe and peaceful place, the nine beautiful 3-5 minute films are available on DVD and as downloads to a smart phone or computer, delivering on-demand stress-relief wherever and whenever it’s needed. “You can’t listen to these without feeling calmer,” said Gary Malkin, Founder of Wisdom of the World and creator of the Wisdom Films. “Their effect is extremely powerful because scientific research has proven that when spoken words, music and images are combined, our brains and our bodies absorb the messages on a much deeper level.” Each WisdomFilmâ„¢ features the breathtaking imagery of award-winning cinematographer David Fortney, and original music scores created by Malkin, a 7-time Emmy Award-winning composer.   The inspiring narrations are provided by such renowned Thought Leaders as mind/body integration advocate Deepak Chopra, success coach Bob Proctor, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Buddhist teacher Thich Nath Hanh, the grandchildren of Mahatma Gandhi, Arun & Sunanda Gandhi, and other noted voices of empowerment, presence, and peace. A deluxe DVD set includes the nine films and bonus materials for $39.95, and a special 4-film DVD is $19.95.   The films are also available for individual download for $4.95 each.   All are available on the Wisdom of the World website. “We’ve designed this therapeutic “˜inner-tainment’ to be accessible whenever you need a few moments of tranquility and relaxation,” added Malkin.   “Whether you’re having a rough morning with your kids, a hectic commute, or an agonizing client meeting, these remarkable films can create the serenity and focus you need to get re-centered, re-energized, and re- connected, and all without a prescription!” About Wisdom of the World

Wisdom of the World, Inc . is a global media publishing and content company dedicated to creating and distributing products that deeply touch people’s lives.   Based in San Francisco, California, Wisdom of the World was founded in 2001, and is privately held.

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