Research Director, Inc. Enhanced Exact Age Report features listener’s gender and ethnic background


radiofacts.comResearch Director, Inc. Enhanced Exact Age Report features listener’s gender and ethnic backgroundThe Ratings Experts at Research Director, Inc. have released its new, enhanced Exact Age Report. In its fourth year of development, the report now goes beyond listing the exact age of a metro, format and stations. Now, it features a listener’s gender and ethnic background. “Being able to easily focus on those listeners that are driving listening to your format, your stations, and all of your competitors is a game changer,” says Charlie Sislen, President of Research Director, Inc. “For example, instead of needing to focus on Adults 34 years old, a station can now know that it is a Hispanic Man 34 that has the biggest impact to their competitor’s ratings. We are in an age of target marketing.” Combined with our Hot Zip Report, a radio station can effectively market to those listeners who are driving listening to both you and your format and your competitors,” says Marc Greenspan, Managing Partner of Research Director, Inc.“It all comes down to cost-efficient target marketing.” The Enhanced Exact Age Report and the Hot Zip Report are just two of the valuable tools that Research Director, Inc. offers radio stations to help them grow their ratings. About Research Director, Inc. Research Director, Inc. is based in Annapolis, Maryland. Coined “The Ratings Experts” by their clients, the company helps radio stations’ programming and sales departments maximize the value of their research. For more information about Research Director, Inc., visit, call 410-295-6619, or e-mail [email protected]


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