REPOST: WTF Kirk and Mr/Ms Sophia

I originally removed this pic after feeling sorry for Kirk then I realized, what my goal was for this blog, to bring you the shit that no other trade will bring you. Hot news, information and pictures. The label called me and in a very nice way asked me to remove it, but I haven’t done business with them in seven years. ….. There is NO obligation on my part and since my goal is not to be a dated and constipated like the other old lady industry “trades” I have had a change of mind. To that end, here’s the pic again. This is Kirk Franklin and Ms. Sophia from Atlanta’s V-103. You look at the pic and you say “Sophia?” Yes, the man on the right is a comedian, and a good one, who performs in drag in Atlanta and on the air during the Frank and Wanda morning show doing a gossip segment called “Girl Talk.” As far as Kirk… If you take a picture at a radio station, you can expect people will run it. I’m surprised that Kirk took this picture (at this range) when he has worked so hard to deny certain things but it is what it is… (or is not).

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