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RAPPER REVOLT: Now Lil Romeo Robbed at USC by RICH KIDS (stop laughing)

Mini-mogul Lil’ Romeo has been forced to buy a cheap bicycle for college after his expensive ones have been repeatedly stolen. Lil’ Romeo, real name Jr., is a freshman basketball player at the University of Southern California, where he has been on campus for five weeks and has already had three high-end bikes stolen, according to Eurweb.com Now, the 19-year-old has a few tips to pass along to his peers. He tells People.com, “Lock your bike! Now, I just have a little $5 bike that hopefully no one will want.” The famous son of rap mogul , formerly known as , says he much more protective when it comes to securing his pricey diamond chains and other jewelry, and prefers to leave them at home in . Lil’ Romeo adds, “I don’t bring anything expensive to the dorms. I just sleep with my earrings on.” Despite the bike thefts, the Trojan point guard says he appreciates his new independence. “I love college life,” he says. “It’s like a vacation.” [source]


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