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Radio One's Alfred Liggins Defends PPM, Charles Warfield put on the spot during hearing

Smaller minority broadcasters must have had their mouths hanging open when Radio One’s CEO Alfred Liggins offered support during the hearings yesterday defending Arbitron’s PPM system.   “I do not believe PPM is to blame for the problems facing some minority broadcasters,” Liggins stated. then he went on to say… “PPM does not discriminate against minority stations. There is always a learning curve with a new service.” Towards the conclusion of the hearing, after Charles Warfield, president and CEO of ICBC Holdings, itemized 40 percent to 60 percent rating for several of the company’s stations, Rep. Darrell Issa (R. Calif.) asked a simple question: “Would you be here today if the PPM said your ratings were 40 percent higher?” “We ’t feel our service is flawed. For nine markets, including New , our performance is strong and we’re performing at a level that deserves MRC ( Rating Council) accreditation. We welcome suggestions for improvements. We’re making improvements,” Michael Skarzynski, president and CEO of Arbitron stated. He also reiterated the company’s commitment to the MRC and making improvements in its service.


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