Radio Listeners in Southern California Will Hear New Spanish-Speaking Voices Through VOZ Express

KXVV-FM and KIWI-FM in Southern California are the newest Radio Stations to become a part of VOZ Express, a Spanish language commercial voice service through Envision Networks.

From east of Los Angeles and north to Bakersfield, Spanish listeners are enjoying fresh voices and imaging on La X (The X) and El Lobo (The Wolf).

La X 103.1 KXVV-FM outside Los Angeles and KIWI-FM 102.9 Radio Lobo in Bakersfield are now using turn-key top-industry, Spanish-speaking voiceover talent for Radio Station spots, promos, and imaging.

VOZ Express offers unlimited access to a wide selection of voices. Affiliates simply send in their own copy and choose a voice that best fits their needs. The recorded voice can be ready for on-air use in just a few hours. VOZ Express also offers translation service to convert any English spot into Spanish at no additional charge.

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