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There is beauty, power, and emotion when using the written word. When you take those words and blend them harmoniously to a rhythm while breathing life into each vowel, noun, and adjective from your diaphragm, you have just added the essence of soul behind those expressions. Some would argue that the latter is what is missing from today’s music but Sony ATV singer/songwriter, Coline Creuzot is here to change the paradigm.
Hailing from the Lone Star State of Texas, the Houston native built her brand in the industry as a strong singer/songwriter while collaborating with highly sought out Houston producer, Happy Perez (Miguel, Frank Ocean, Janelle Monae). With a strong voice, extraordinary pen game, a publishing deal with Sony ATV, and co-signs from artist like Drake, T-Pain, T.I., and more, Coline Creuzot is slated for an even bigger breakthrough with her latest EP, “Timeless.” With a passion to create “Timeless” music and all the talent to match, Coline is prepped to be the industry’s next soul-survivor with her infectious blend of heartfelt lyrics and 90’s nostalgic Hip-Hop/Soul and Pop.
How did you go about building your brand in a way that led to your publishing deal at EMI?
My manager at the time had several meetings set up shopping me for a deal. We met with EMI and played a song I had written called “Acapella Now” and they offered me a publishing deal. It was such a blessing. I had no prior placements and still had a lot to learn as a writer. They kept me in sessions and made sure to challenge me to write outside the box and across different genres. Through this deal, I have had the opportunity to grow as writer and meet several other talented writers and producers!
Many old school artist say that is soul is lacking in today’s R&B Music? How do you feel about those sentiments and how do you feel you can possibly alter that mindset?
I think there is still great R&B music with soul being made. I strive to make good, timeless R&B/ Soul music. I think it’s about a feeling, people want to feel the music.
Artists like Chance the Rapper are changing the game, do you feel the ultimate goal of many aspiring artists is to still acquire a record deal?
I think it depends on the artist. Some artists don’t want or feel they need a deal. With the advances in technology, Internet & social media I think anything is possible!
The name of your new EP is “Timeless.” Is there a formula to creating timeless music?
My formula is to be genuine and authentic in the process of writing and recording.
Was graduating from college an important goal for you despite pursuing a career in the music industry? How has taking the time to earn an education helped or hindered you thus far?
Graduating from College is a requirement in my family. I learned a lot about business, management and entrepreneurship, most importantly to be on time (“to be on time is to be late” was the motto) and to work hard. I graduated in three years so that I could get back to pursuing my career.
Instagram: Cocreuz
SnapChat: ColineCreuzot

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