Radio Facts Review: “Joker”


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Joaquin Phoenix, Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Film at Lincoln Center)
My curiosity got the best of me after hearing so much about the Joker movie because nobody could quite describe it in concert. I heard that it was very dark, some say it is very sad and I’ve heard some say it is very violent.I had a different take on it with nuances of all three of the descriptions. If I were to describe it, I thought the writing was excellent and the movie was engaging and tragic. The first thing I thought of were the lyrics to the Smokey Robinson and the Miracles classic “Tears of a Clown.” if they could have gotten clearance for this song and used it in the movie it would have been a perfect fit.Giving a background to the character we’ve all known for decades was expertly conveyed in this film. The writing helps to translate why the character has a dark side coupled with a sense of humor in tow. How many times have we heard that comedians have some of the darkest pasts/childhoods of all entertainers and laughter is a form of escapism and sanity for them. He desperately wants to be a stand-up comedian.It touched on so many subjects that we consistently STILL ignore as a society: Bullying, abuse, mental illness, poverty, poorly funded but much-needed state programs, overprescribed drugs, generational curses, and the haves and the have nots all rolled up into one movie that captivates and pursues all the aforementioned to a t. I don’t want to give the entire movie away because it’s certainly worth seeing.The movie is not as “dark” as it is “deep.” The actor who plays Joker in this film, Joaquin Phoenix is excellent in the role. He captures the desperation and his constantly challenged hope for a better tomorrow when everyone around him consistently disappoints, disrespects and disqualifies him. When he finds out his own mother has done the same thing, he loses it. I’d love to know your thoughts on the movie.


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