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Digital and Radio Facts Radio Show Podcast: Your Money Pt 1


Almost a Half Million Plays!!!!


INVESTING: Real Estate Tips
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When you hear the term investment, the first thing you think of is monetary, but investing can also be investing in yourself, your children, your health, your fugure, your education, time and more. Basically it means putting a little bit in now to hopefully get a lot more out in the future. In other words a small term loss for long-term gain. Is that guaranteed? But No just like the old lottery commercial says 
“you got to be in it to win it.” Investing of any kind requires four things; accountability, research, dedication and patience. It is not impossible to teach yourself to have all for these things simultaneously. When we come back were going to talk about renting vs owning.
On this segment of the radiofacts radio show podcast, were talking about investing with your money.

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