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radiofacts.comIndustry legend and icon Mr. Kevin Ross is seeking a producer for his Podcast’The Radio Facts Radio Show.’ OK, I’m speaking in the third person as if someone else is writing this but it’s just me boosting my importance like a lot of former radio vets on FaceBook do. You would be amazed at how many people write their own press and call themselves “legend” and “Icon.” Got a minute? Funny story (well, I mean, at least to ME it was. Let me know if you laugh).During one of my recent projects an industry management company requested I call someone an “Icon” and I told them Icon’t. I cracked up but they were silent. As my cracking up tapered off, it became apparent that they had no intention of being lured by my dark humor. Perhaps they may have even been insulted? Stand by… (Kevin hitting the timer on his FitBit watch for the first scheduled’deep thought of the day’ moment … almost done… ok … Nope, nothing. Hey, I’m in my 50s and I am numb to caring about sh like this these days but did you laugh?)I actually do need a producer. Candidate will book unusual, awkward, arrogant and strange guests in addition to people outside the radio industry (Help, I’m killing me). Seeing forward thinker and self-starter. See/hear previous podcasts and contact me at [email protected]



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