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“Changing Industry”
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February 6, 2014

This week, we talk about…

  • Zimmerman’s Tasteless Quest to Milk the Trayon Martin tragedy
  • Warner Music Group’s recent arrest of a former employee for Embezzlement
  • Why don’t older female artist have hits like older Male artists.
  • Which Urban PD’s Job is in trouble ?
  • Why do black women have an addiction to hair
  • Ideas for PDs and DJs marketing themselves in tight corporate climates for future work.
  • Can more women host morning shows at Urban radio stations?
  • ….and The Biggest story on Radio Facts .com this week…. Saturday Night Live’s harcore truth about Black History Month
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The FIRST Podast Show ABOUT the industry FOR the Industry…

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Show Hosts..

  1. kevRoss – RFRS Producer, and Host – Industry Expert, Entrepreneur, Speaker
  2. Paul Porter Industry Expert, Speaker, Blog Author
  3. The Poetess – Radio Producer, Radio Host
  4. Dwayne McClary – Record label consultant, Sports Marketing, Talent Agent
  5. Jamillah Muhammed – former Program Director, Marketing


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