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RFFocus Quick 5: Colby Colb VP – Programming Radio One

Colby Colb is truly one of the hardest working programmers I have ever known in the industry. I’ve always been very impressed with his ability to play several roles at the stations he worked at including marketing and promotion. Colb is so well-versed in so many roles at radio I would not be surprised if he’s a great radio engineer too. RFFocus got a chance to talk to the recently promoted VP of Programming at Radio One.


KEVIN ROSS: Give a brief history of your industry background and your current position

COLBY COLB: Started as an intern at WUSL in Philadelphia, worked my way up the ladder from board op to producer to having my own show to nights to mornings. Along the way I was assistant music director and then promoted to APD. I did all this at WUSL for 16 years. I then went on to be the MD and afternoon host on WWPR in NYC for its launch in 2003. Then I came back to Philly to be PD/Afternoons at WPHI. I did that for 6 years, took a much needed forced vacation 🙂 and then Radio One hired me to be the OM and Afternoon host on WENZ in Cleveland where I was for 4 years until I was promoted to VP of Programming.


: At what point did you go from jock to management and how did it happen?

CC: I didn’t understand why we played certain music, the promotions, the things we were doing so I asked a lot of questions. Helen Little promoted me to full time nights, she saw potential then proceeded to teach me the behind the scenes stuff and I took that knowledge,humbled myself then started to rise up the ranks. I also saw the writing on the wall 10 years early that in order to stay relevant in this business you must be on air and behind the scenes in Programming. I can still do a shift on any format in a heartbeat. Helen opened that door, then I wrapped my hands around the nuts and bolts of programming and haven’t looked back. (click “Next” for the next segment)


KR: Name 5 programmers/industry people that you admire the most

CC: I know you said 5 but I have more than 5 ***

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