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“Branding Yourself” PODCAST: Self Promotion, Marketing and Branding. kevRoss, Lee Michaels and Sheila Coates

leeBranding yourself and your skills! Earlier this week, I talked about the limited opportunities for Black announcers to promote themselves outside of the stringent corporate rules in this story but it’s not just Black announcers, it’s PDs and DJs as well.One of the MOST important way to reach your goals in the industry and in LIFE is to surround yourself with like-minded, positive and motivated people. Whenever I talk to these two, I’m positively exhausted from the sheer knowledge, motivation and education I get from them. These are friends/experts and entrepreneurs who have consistently reinvented themselves I wanted them to be a part of this Podcast with me about the problem and possible solutions to promote yourself in an environment where you get mixed messages from the corporations and the industry as as whole.In this 9-part series we cover the most important aspects of taking advantage of your career, some of which we ignore or may not be aware of.  Lee Michaels, Sheila Coates and I (kevRoss) use over 50 years of collective music, radio and marketing experience to talk about what works and what doesn’t in today’s tech age. On this show we explore who is responsible for your brand when you have obstacles that prevent you from promoting yourself. I pray that you get as much out of this series as the three of us did during the conversation. Each segment will be 10 minutes long. The Next segment will discuss “Talent, Opportunities and Opposition” It will be published on Friday. Enjoy

RUNTIME: 10 minutes