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Radio Facts Give Radio DJs An Advantage for Jobs

Radio Facts Creates Section for Radio Radio DJs: Programmers, Voice Over Agencies See Talent in one place

102 Jams Orlando Seeks Morning Show Host, We knew about this gig BEFORE it posted.

When a radio postion is revealved, programmers are often bombarded with requests and emails. The opportunity to present your package is very slim. In addition, we get requests for Radio DJs often from programmers BEFORE they post the position to all of the trades which makes your chance even slimmer. There is a limited amount of jobs, as we all know, but what if the programmer can have a one-stop page, with an image, audio and background of the Radio DJ for future consideration or for a job they don’t have to post to all the trades? Radio Facts , the leading radio industry blog with the most updates and email blasts is here to help. We want to help by creating one page that features your entire package, bio, picture, audio, email address etc. for just $10.00 a month. We will promote the page in our daily email blasts that goes DIRECTLY to Program Directors and the industry with our blasts so that you can always have an opportunity for a gig BEFORE it posts to the trades. The page will premiere next week. If you’re interested sign up here. Space is limited….

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