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RadioFacts EXCLUSIVE: Audio of J Anthony Brown Quitting the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS)

This morning Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) vet comedian J Anthony Brown walked out of the LA recording studio where he does the show and stated “I’m Quitting.” Brown is still under contract with Reach Media (Tom Joyner and Radio One’s company) so the company is trying to set up a meeting to resolve the issue.  RadioFacts has obtained audio of the exchange.  Here is J Anthony Brown quitting the Tom Joyner Morning Show (TJMS) . This was all done during a break off the air.

What’s Next for Tom Joyner Show?

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  1. I can’t say I blame J. Anthony Brown. If others have gotten more salary, and a new addition is expected to come in and make more than a tenured personality, then I would walk as well. Negotiations should be in order, or the plan was to release him anyway. Why put off the inevitable?

      • Really? Well, then, how should someone quit? And why should they quit that way? Business interactions should not always be responded to professionally. There are some instances in various encounters in life in which people should respond the way the spirit moves them. Subscribing to the accepted behavior for quitting is for people who need a job. People that give two week notices are usually people that need a job and need references for future jobs. People that have significant means quit when they want to and how they want to. It is relative. I say, you should be respectful if you can…if the situation allows you to. But, there is nothing wrong with saying, “I have had enough. I am leaving”, and leaving immediately. This whole corporate structure has made people emotionally and spiritually suppressing. Now, if you need a job, quit professionally. If God moves you to quit any way other than the accepted professional way…well, I suppose you should do what your relationship with God tells you to do. Your quitting the way you quit may be bigger than you.

          • Sounds like he made some kool-aid for the family and didn’t put any sugar in it. They suffered a big loss with J’s exit.

        • Yes, there IS a way to do everything. J. is a public figure without a regular 9 to 5 job. No one will take a chance on hiring someone who was willing to embarrass their last employer. “If you’ll embarrass them what will you do to us.” It’s not about being PC it’s about CYA.

        • Why do people always want to do something the wrong way then sanctimoniously bring God into it by saying they were LEAD to do that wrong thing. What part of that exchange would God endorse? Even if J didn’t need references for another job, there is a certain thing called decency. Please get away from this new, arrogant Christianity that acts improperly then instead of repenting of it, we arrogantly justify it.

          • Free will is what God gave us but if we dont use as others may see it is considered wrong but it isn’t. You know why it isnt wrong because it ia my free will to tell anyone and everyone to F#*^ off if choose.

          • Most companies do not let you know when they plan on letting you go so why should you give the that respect and who made you or anyone else the authority over someones life decisions? we need to stop and handle our own lives they way we preach and let others live their own lives. this has nothing at all to do with God or Christianity stop being religiously silly and such this is some of the actions and thought processes that give any religion a bad name.

          • I appreciate your comments Chriss. God is a God of decency and order. Being courteous, even at times like this, is still called for. Class, not crass, should have been the call of the hour.

        • Wasn’t done professionally. You are judged by your character and because he didn’t like his adjusted salary, that was very unprofessional. He suppose to be Tom’s friend even though this was business he was wrong. Tom and company didn’t get on the air and announce to him regarding his pay cut, he was letting this fester inside and unfortunately this is how he released it, again professional is always the way to go.

      • You control your destiny. You dont quit the PC way. If you arw treated unfairly put it where it belongs. This brother has dobe great rhings for a lot of struggling people. He has more than paid his dues. There is a way to treat people. You dont quit cute or nice…id you are displeased be the man J Anthony Brown is and say ao…like he did.

      • Oh it was the way! Especially if your worth is not being valued. And you have the means to do it! Why stay when you don’t HAVE to?!?!

      • Quitting without an additional
        Job in place isn’t smart at all. I believe that he had been thinking of leaving prior to abruptly leaving and pouting his way out of the building . Surely he’s smarter than that..

      • He want on air….he didn’t curse any one out…..and he damn sure dolt have to give a 2wks notice…….so tell us MS. PROFESSIONALLY JOB QUITTER…..how was he supposed to quit???? Its always a clown trying to be seen to go against the grain and try to make someone look so horrible….that man didn’t do anything out of line…he simply quit a job that was not treating him fairly.



        • So take your private squabble public? I’m disappointed to see that people think this is appropriate. We are doomed if we don’t learn any better.

          • For someone who has give much of himself I think we all agree that Mr. Anthony has been more than professional in his job. If his response would have been more URBAN some would still judge. His choice to quit and how should be respected.


  2. I personally listen to show because of Jay. He is so funny. I hope he returns, and if he doesn’t I am not sure the show can survive without a comedian.

  3. They should axe Huggy Lowdown’s bit, it is no the least bit funny and excruciatingly corny!!! Tom makes it even worse…with that FAKE laughing!! #bringjanthonyback

  4. Sad to see him go, but apparently he wasn’t being appreciated and taken seriously. That much is evident by the laughter and not taking his words seriously. And if there are deals in play that exclude him, whether financially or otherwise then why not beat them to the punch and walk. I would rather walk than to have it out there that I was ‘let go’. Personally I find him funnier at times than Tom Joyner, I understand that Tom is the headliner of the show, but his pay should be comparable seeing as how he brings much to the show himself. Hate to see him leave.

  5. Jay made the show! I can’t stand Huggy. He’s not funny. I turn the station when his segment comes on. I’m not a big Chris Paul fan either. He’s kinda corny to me. Guess I’ll be switching to Rickey Smiley in the Morning.

  6. I think there’s ways to quit rather that leaving you friends hanging… LIVE ON AIR… They (management) must have totally disrespected J for h I m to quit the way he did… you never know what you’d do until you’re in that moment.

    • Many people in radio quit like that. You usually don’t give advance notice because they’ll terminate you immediately to avoid you potentially saying something damaging on air. On air people that quit in advance, often have another job lined up so there is no need to be spiteful, in fear they may lose their next job.

  7. Can’t stand this show but I agree huggy is horrible. Best wishes to Jay Anthony Brown he made the show and he will find other work. Wish he could replace dl Hughley.

  8. I want be listening anymore either. I listened because of “J”. I saw “J” at the Essence Festival selling his Barbecue sauce and asked him if he liked Sybil or if he just tolerated her. “J’s” comments were ” she’s a pain in the Azz”.


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