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Radio Facts BEST Broadcasters: Seven Radio Hosts Scratching the Surface of Greater Stardom

I have to be honest in saying that there was a time that I was not sure about the future of commercial radio. The industry was not growing and there was no new talent being bred for future success, or so it seemed, for almost two decades on the urban side.  Nevertheless, I’ve since changed my mind after exploring the country and listening to various talents in several markets. I have to be honest in telling you this list is not complete, there are certainly more people who need to be added to it.

Who is making a difference? Who is going above and beyond doing a show and who has the greatest potential for success? I asked. Know that while great programming is paramount in radio, It’s also the talent that makes the radio industry a success and it’s the talent that will make radio a continued success.

Listeners today have a lot of options when driving in their car or sitting at their computer, from audiobooks to podcasts to streaming services, to subscription services to commercial radio. Considering many successful stations have heavy commercial loads, it’s up to the host to lure people in and KEEP THEM. The people on this list have that ability.

To that end, I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open for what several radio pros are doing around the country and I came to realize there are indeed a group of radio people who are taking the bull by the horns and going the extra mile to give the audience more than just entertainment.

These are the people who continue to break the mold in radio and who work with great programmers and producers to assemble great shows each day. They inspire, educate, entertain and inform. . Feel free to share

DJ Envy

A couple of months ago, I attended Envy’s real estate seminar in Los Angles.  I expected more of the same that I have seen at other seminars where they give you very little information then ask you to pay thousands to continue learning how to make money in real estate. I need to add I am a real estate agent (as a side gig) with 10 years under my belt.

When I got to the seminar, the room was packed and the seminar was very well organized and I was very surprised to see how much information Envy and his team were willing to share with participants at a fraction of the cost of other seminars. I watched Envy and his real estate partner Cesar do a heavy campaign on Instagram where he took a camera with him while he showed the audience how to look for the best properties before the seminar. It was a great campaign. I got to talk to Envy at the seminar and he told me he would love to make the seminar FREE in the near future.

During a segment on The Breakfast Club several months ago, Envy and Killer Mike got into a heated debate about the school system, when it was all said and done, Envy offered a certain amount of callers passes to his seminar free of charge.

The reason why Envy makes this list is because I know SEVERAL industry people who have a TON of real estate who won’t share one ounce of information with others for free OR for a free. I am a firm believer that blessings come from giving not from being selfish and the fact that he is willing to make very little money teaching people how to make millions IN OUR COMMUNITY is nothing less than commendable.

Envy goes above and beyond the call of duty to do radio. He uses his platform to educate and inform the audience on how to achieve independent wealth. KUDOS. (CLICK NEXT BELOW FOR THE NEXT BEST ANNOUNCER)

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