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Entercom Announces Promotions for Vince Richards and JT Springer

Entercom announced leadership updates for stations in its Dallas market. [...]

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall Give Some Coming to America Little Known Facts in This Interview

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall sat down for a video chat with Scott Evans of Access an they didn't disappoint. [...]

Dawn Robinson Thinks Wearing a Mask May Kill Her (VIDEO)

The former member of En Vogue and Lucy Pearl, Dawn Robinson sat down for.a video chat with The Jasmine Brand [...]

Warner Music Groups Distributing Grants to Black Organizations Worldwide

Warner Music Group / Blavatnik Family Foundation Social Justice Fund Disburses Grants to Organizations Working Toward the Advancement of Black Populations Around the Globe As...

Shawn Gee Launches BlackStream in Partnership with Twitch

Kudos to Shawn Gee, the president of Live Nation Urban who not only runs Maverick, managing clients like the Roots and Jill Scott but...

Universal Re-establishes Virgin Records

Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music based-entertainment, today announced the launch of Virgin Music Label & Artist Services, a new global...

Knicks Welcome Bobby Shmurda Home? (pic)

A huge poster is circulating online that the New York Knicks are welcoming Bobby Shmurda home from prison. [...]

Lakeith Stanfield Pointing Gun at Charlamagne Picture (video)

A viral video of Lakeith Stanfield pointing a gun at Charlamagne's image on a computer screen has gone viral. [...]

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