Racist Referee Makes Black Wrestler get Dreads Cut off Before Match

This is the reason I can’t watch competitive sports I keep seeing slavery in every aspect. This is the most racist and absolutely disgusting and reprehensible thing I’ve ever seen online. This boy is put on a pedestal (a block) and humiliated in front of everyone. Is this woman a barber? She proceeds to hack off his hair in front of everyone. What’s more disturbing is the sea of people on the scene who fail to see that this is wrong.The one white guy is trying to motivate the kid to keep going but you can see in the expression of his face (the kid) that he is done. This experience is indelible for the rest of his life. This entire act is racist. Alan Maloney should be fired and made to WEAR a dreadlock wig for a year. The fact that he called someone a “nigger” a couple of years ago that he is still working should finally put an end to his career. I smell a HUGE lawsuit.Disgusting and heartbreaking. A referee known for his racism, Alan Maloney (google him), made high school wrestler Andrew Johnson cut off his dreads or lose the match. They were covered and gave him no advantage. So he cut them off. He won the match. Never should’ve been allowed. pic.twitter.com/ChMXPBzHPk

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